Posted by: DiffidentDevotion | February 5, 2009

Still grieving

OK. So today isn’t as bad as yesterday was. I am still profoundly sad but I am done crying. I can’t stop thinking about Mark and what has happened. Steven seems OK, but I can tell he really misses him. It’s just so draining.

I can’t begin to imagine how his wife and kids feel. How his Dad feels. I never did get the gumption to call his wife yesterday. I had steven leave a message for her with our contact numbers. I figured we will let her come to us. I don’t want to pester her and I am sure she is surrounded by her support system and just trying to get her and her family through the day.

I imagine that there is a lot of mundane and necessary things to sort through in an instance like this on top of trying to deal with your grief.

I just wish there was something concrete I could do so I can stop obsessing. Busy hands and all…. you know the saying.


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