Posted by: DiffidentDevotion | February 6, 2009

In need of a nap

All Tuckered Out

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Man. I am tired today. This has been a helluva week.

I woke up this morning weighing 208.4 up a half pound since yesterday. I stayed within my points last night but I didn’t drink a ton of water with the ton of sodium I ingested. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it.

My friends wake is Sunday and the funeral is Monday. It looks like my weekend is going to be busy.

~Tonight we have a B-day celebration to attend. Happy Birthday J!!
~Tomorrow oldest DD is trying to sneak away on a ski trip in the mountains. (I haven’t decided whether I am going to let her or not) and we have a friend who wants us to meet him for some nascar celebration thingy. ( I obviously don’t keep up with the circle racing)
~Sunday and Monday will be long and sad days remembering our friend and dealing with his loss.

I am also oncall for work this weekend but I am crossing my fingers toes and bra straps and hopefully the pager is nice to me so I don’t have to spend any time at the office.

I know I am rambling but like I said before I am tired.

last nights dinner was white bean chicken chili and a no pudge brownie. Yummy!


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