Posted by: DiffidentDevotion | December 27, 2009

excited but nervous too

Yesterday my husband and I found out I am pregnant. I am still unemployed, and still overweight. We havent told anyone. Our children, our parents, or our friends. I can not remember the date of my last cycle so I need to see a doctor to find out how far along we are and when it will be safe to share the news with our loved ones. Not having a job makes us both nervous about being able to find one in this condition, and of course about the money it will take to raise a baby. These things have a way of working themselves out though.

I guesstimate us to be between 6 and 8 weeks pregnant. Which means we will have a summer baby! YAY 🙂 Our girls will be SO excited when we tell them.

I am so very nauseous all the time. Maybe in this process I can get healthier for both the baby and I. I will sure try.


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